game: Blade of Death

Blades Of Death is the SHMUP Creator 3D sample level. It was the first real level made with the SHMUP Creator (it was playable at the STUNFEST game festival a few years ago) and was really a cornerstone of the SC development: working on a real game level helped us debugging and polishing a lot of things, and making the level was fast and fun.
Actually, it was quite a relief: it’s one thing to work on a tool, trying to imagine what features are needed, how to implement them the best we can, working on usability and design, but it’s another thing to really use it, like a future user, and really creating something with it. And… It worked!

The level shows the 3D features of the SHMUP Creator: lighting, shadows, materials… As well as a boss with several destructible parts and several weapons, some mid-boss, particle explosions, sound effects…
As always, everything is done in the editor without any coding: the bullet patterns, the enemies animations, the gameplay….

Shmup gamers will quickly notice that Under defeat is our main inspiration on this: I must say I loved this game. I know it’s a slow game and it is a little bit boring, but I like its mood a lot, and I love, I love the explosions :)