Hi everybody,

After the depressing Christmas post, a positive new year post!
I’m doing my best to work on the SHMUP Creator. It’s a little bit too interstitial for my taste, but I’m making progress:

I’m doing pixel art and making progress on the 2D level assets. This month I completed:
. Some animated items (power-up, force field…)
. Some particle systems
. 2 new enemies
. A turret
. Some temporary background blocks
At this point, I’ll soon be able to start designing the level and play with the editor. I already started to test some ideas, and as expected, it’s a good way to find bugs or things with unwanted behavior. It’s the best way to complete the SHMUP Creator: to really use it. I know it sounds obvious, but even in the pro industry we often don’t have time to do so.

. I fixed some crashes, some annoying bugs (why the turret is moving magically from its base when I go back to the editor?) etc. I’m started a “no priority bugs” list, which is a shame, but is the only way to finish the editor: I know it could be better, and it will be, but I don’t want to diverge too much from my short term goal.

. I did some minor modifications to the UI to streamline the workflow. Sometimes, a really small adjustment makes a great improvement to the look and feel of the UI. The devil is from the details!

Due to some personal things, February will be a very short month. So I will not be able to achieve much. Nevertheless, I plan to make progress on the background sprites and start designing the level. I also plan to fix some of my “not so priority bugs” but “things that looks not so good in the game” bugs.

See you!

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