Back to work!

It’s hard to find the right balance between complete freedom and lack of money for indie devs.

How can you finance your game ?

You can stop eating, or live in your parent’s attic, or use unemployment insurance, or have big savings of money from your family. You can do a Kickstarter, but nowadays, it’s harder and harder to generate some interest if you are not Yu Suzuki, IGA or Peter Molyneux, and the platform is more and more abused by big devs who want people and fans to pay for the market research they should do themselves.
You can also work every week-end on a very small game, and successfully release it one day. Unfortunately, the SHMUP Creator is a complex tool, and requires a lot more work than I thought.

We chose to do contracting works instead, in a controlled way.
We are only doing 1 to 2 months contracts, in order to spend the majority of our time on the SHMUP Creator development and other personal stuffs. We are not so picky, but we try do work on interesting projects: money is necessary, but learning new things is a must.
It’s another drawback of working solo or with a tiny team: you are less learning from others, ideas are less likely to cross-pollinate because less people are involved. And, I must confess, to be surprised by someone else work is something I like very much!
Until now, we were lucky enough to work on very interesting projects and to learn from them.

So, there it is: we are still working as hard as we can on the SHMUP Creator, but sometimes we must stop completely for a few weeks.
It’s quite frustrating, to be honest, but it’s the price to pay to be able to release soon a product we are proud of, and not a rushed one!

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