happy new year :)
  • January 12, 2015
  • mathilde
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We are still alive!!! We have finished our contract jobs for few weeks and have been working back on the SHMUP Creator: . gizmos are finished (not a very exciting task, but very useful) . OpenAL (sound library) has been replaced by FMOD And [...]

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Monthly update #02: September 2014

We haven't worked a lot since the middle of July. Zut :( Project status . 90% Game engine: Collisions, weapons, events, AI, special effects, particles… . 85% UI: this is the art, layout and coding of the editor itself. . 32% Assets: those are [...]

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SPLINES and enemies paths

The shmup Creator offers the choice to use a precise and predictable curve animation, using splines to move the enemies. Splines are great :the user can create some points, move them, and play with curves very quickly and visually. There are [...]

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