GAME: wings blaster

At last, we completed the 2D sample game!
It took a long time, mainly because fixing bugs was our priority. Also, we completed the level structure and all the graphic assets a long time ago, but I was stuck on the level design… I had no idea how to make an exciting level. It’s hard to focus on everything, coding, marketing, graphics, and still have inspiration…

We asked Alec, our main tester (and creator of his own full shoot ’em up Nanoforce to help us, and he did and delivered :)
He added an intro, a lot of cinematic animations (moving asteroids, explosions, moving walls…), secrets items, mid-level boss…

All this in a few hours. Alec is a power user, but it must mean the SHMUP Creator is efficient and fast :)


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  • Rhoran • 2022/01/06 at 08:33

    That’s a good thing to hear! It’s nice when a tool can be used by both amateurs and pros to make amazing things and push the limits!