September update

We are still testing the SHMUP Creator.
We invited a few more people from all over the world and I’m really looking forward to having a bigger community on Discord soon.
When I look at the change-log since last month, that’s crazy the number of small fixes, corrected bugs, polish and so on we did!
For the first time since the start of the closed beta the tool “seems” to be almost stable.
To be honest, that’s a relief, and we can at last go back to the other tasks we are postponing since a few weeks: a tiny bit of marketing (like writing this post), working on the trailer, completing the 2D game, etc.


The most impressive creation made with the SHMUP Creator right now is Nanoforce, made by Alec. I think Alec tried every feature of the tool and is really doing amazing things! His game has multi-directional scrollings, a lot of different weapons, huge enemies and boss, a lot of scripted things (moving backgrounds, texts, sounds…). He is doing everything by himself: the Art, the music, the gameplay…
Watching people do crazy things with our tool is really great, and NANOFORCE is really impressive.
You can check-out Alec’s work on his youtube page:
… and his Twitter account:
Here a short work in progress preview:

See ya,

3 Comments so far

  • Nedo • 2020/10/21 at 22:00

    any way i can enter the beta?

  • ichimitch • 2020/11/12 at 03:48

    You should do a pre-purchase beta access thing… I’d pay to get a look at it, warts and all.

  • François • 2020/11/19 at 21:49

    C’est vraiment bien…