July Update and tote bags

Hi everyone!

We don’t have the time or luxury to make a really big game with the SHMUP Creator: we made test levels and such. But some of the beta testers are going crazy and doing real games!
And the reality comes back to us: the SHMUP Creator uses too much memory, we didn’t think of this or that, why on earth people are clicking on this and make the tool crash??? WHY?
AND we are so happy to fix problems! That makes the SHUMP Creator stronger and better!

I divided by 5 the memory used by the tool, the levels are loading way faster, a lot of small issues are fixed every day.
We are far from the end of the beta, but the SHMUP Creator is making great progress, and we are still amazed by what people can make with it!
Beta testers are incredible, dedicated people. Thanks again for your hard work!

In order to go out and do something completely different, we made some tote bags! We have access to a silk-screening workshop and we made 10 nice SHMUP Creator bags. For what? Not sure.
Maybe for video-game exhibitions (like the Stunfest in Rennes (France), who knows?
S. & Z.

4 Comments so far

  • Nadir tag • 2020/08/17 at 11:07

    How can i apply for beta

    • corentin • 2020/08/24 at 09:22

      We are doing a tiny beta right now, we will add more people later.
      If you are motivated and have a project or ideas, leaves us an email!

      • Nadir tag • 2020/09/06 at 10:30

        I dont have a project but i am 100% motivated and hyped for your game engine.
        I have been trying to learn game development to make a shmup game for a long time but it have been a very difficult task so far.
        My problem is with coding, its just not for me
        And i am hoping that your game engine will be my savior.

  • Walt G • 2020/09/01 at 09:36


    I just recently found out about your SHMUP Creator and i have to say im very interested. I’m a really big fan of Horizontal SHMUPS such as Gradius, Progear, Thunder Cross etc. My mind has been going on about creating my own and i just happened to stumble upon this. I have some ideas rocking around in my head and hope you will do some kind of open beta in the future! I am very interested in using this! Thank you for your time.