march update


Very small update for March.

Since the middle of March, France is confined. The situation is stressful and it’s hard to re-organize our life. I’m working form home for my employer and am still trying to work on the SHMUP Creator.
But we are not making much progress on this project right now.

Nevertheless, I corrected a few bugs and polished the translation and rotation tools.
I also created a few bullet patterns which will be included in the package as well as some default assets.
I spent some time cleaning the SHMUP Creator datas too: there were a lot of old files, unused assets and missing sounds.

That’s all.
We’ll try to spend more time on this project in the next few weeks: I’m sure it’s important for the spirit to make progress on personal projects!

Take care,

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  • ichimitch • 2020/04/01 at 21:07


  • DasBilligeAlien • 2020/04/04 at 21:51

    I wish you best health! take your time.