Monthly update #01: July 2014

We have been working for months on the SHMUP Creator and we have already achieved a lot. So this first monthly update will be a little bit different from the next ones and talk about the overall project status and what our plans are for the next weeks, instead of talking about what we achieved last month.
Last week was holydays, so it was a good time to report progress!

Project status
. 70% Game engine : Collisions, weapons, events, AI, special effects, particles…
. 60% UI: this is the art, layout and coding of the editor itself.
. 30% Assets: those are the 3D models, sprites, sound effects and music provided with the SHMUP Creator

alpha phase at the end of August!?
Our next goal is to reach alpha phase at the end of August. At this time, we will have implemented all the features of the SHMUP Creator, but in a more or less rough state. We are really eager to be in alpha, and to be able to start polishing the project!
But first, there’s still a lot of work to do.

Our plan for the next weeks are to work on:
. the UI integration
. the weapon system
. the scoring system
. the build of standalone games from the editor

Now, back to work!

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