November update

November? The last post was in August, and we are in November? Already??? Ok, here's what happended: we had several contracts with a very big company. Very interesting work. The downside, of course, is that we had not a lot of [...]

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Back to work!

It's hard to find the right balance between complete freedom and lack of money for indie devs. How can you finance your game ? You can stop eating, or live in your parent's attic, or use unemployment insurance, or have big savings [...]

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The Stunfest
  • June 08, 2015
  • corentin
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Ready? Go! . Nice promotional buttons, for happy visitors! . Kaboom! An 1m60 tall kakemono! ... And a 23kg PC inside a wheel suitcase, in the train, of course.

The stunfest is a unique event. It's an entirely independant festival, organized by [...]

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