showcase #01
  • October 05, 2022
  • mathilde
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The SHMUP Creator has only been released 6 months ago and there are already so many great games created by users: we are so proud of you! Most of those games are either released or in development and you can [...]

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may update

Voilà presque 4 mois que le SHMUP Creator est sorti ! ... Et déjà de beaux projets en développement ! Nous sommes enchantés par la créativité et la diversité des projets ! Nous vous invitons à les découvrir sur la page [...]

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Video Tuto!

The SHMUP Creator has been lunch for 1 month now! Wow! Bugs, crashes, hard work but Thank you a lot for your amazing creations! We made a video tutorial, for helping people at the beginning, for not being lost! This short tutorial [...]

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