SHMUP Creator 1.4 was just released!

We are still working hard to improve the SHMUP Creator: new features according with the needs and suggestions of developers, bugs fixed... Lots of bugs fixed. So we are happy to launch the 1.4 version of our game software with these [...]

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showcase #02

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHMUP Creator! The SHMUP Creator has been released since 1 year and there still are so many great games created by users. Don't hesitate to try them ! You can find links HERE. Save [...]

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showcase #01
  • October 05, 2022
  • mathilde
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The SHMUP Creator has only been released 6 months ago and there are already so many great games created by users: we are so proud of you! Most of those games are either released or in development and you can [...]

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