the bulo
Founded by two industry veterans, I am an independent video game studio.
My human-sized structure encourages  creativity, ideas cross-fertilisation, paying attention and  well crafted work.
They have a lot of ideas, but right now they are focused on the  developement of an exciting project related to the  confidential Shmups universe.
You know,  Shoot ’em ups ! These games where you shoot baddies that transform in huge pretty explosions and  give you points !

Do you want to learn a little bit more about my core team ?

Adrien Jabert - Technical director

He has been working in the video game industry since 1995 as an artist, then Art and technical director on several games developed in France, England and Canada for  studios like Quantic dreams or Ubi Soft.
Too many games of Nemesis 2 played on his Msx computer in 1987 gave him the urge to one day (when he grows up) create a “shoot ’em up”.
His dream is comming true!

Mathilde Soussi - Art director

She studied Architecture then got a degree in “Art et Technologie de l’Image”. In 2000 she took “the big step”, following a phone call for an internship offer  in a video game company: (looking for someone patient and  meticulous in order to scan slides).
Since then, she has been working on several AAA video games: Rainbow six; Assassin’s creed; Far Cry II…