Update V1.5!

A new update, and still working hard!
Enjoy the new features!

. Massively increased performance: from 15% to 100% in the editor depending on the level complexity
. The 2 splash screens are now fully customizable
. Added a new Show high scores button in the Start menu
. FX object now always uses its own layer for rendering order, even if it’s attached to something
. You can write in Japanese with the NotoSans-JP font
. Continue doesn’t reset the player’s weapons anymore
. TV screen post effect now deforms HUD and Text objects
. Kill object can kill an enemy without triggering an explosion
. If no level uses shadows, Shadow Quality is hidden in the start menu
. Leaderboard names start with A and not 0
. Probability trigger maximum value is increased from 99 to 999
. Timer and countdown trigger maximum value is increased to 9999
. Wait duration of enemy spawns maximum value is increased to 999
. player control position duration max value increased to 9999
. added Button trigger Always activated checkbox