we love shmups!

This is a list of websites about shoot ’em ups. This is not an exhaustive list, but rather the sites I like, my personal choices.

01. First, because I’m French, let’s start with 2 excellent french websites about shmups: shmup.com

Shmup.com has an English section in the forum. Some excellent super players are posting on these websites, like the late Yace and Bos.
Talking about them, they have an excellent youtube channel, with dozens of 1CC and superplays (in french, unfortunately): TBYVGS BOS

02. But, of course, the best and biggest websites about shmups are in English: shmups.com, and their system11 forum is THE shmup website. It’s the oldest and biggest website about the genre.

03. 1CClog is a great website about a guy who decided to test and 1CCed EVERY shmup in the world! Then he writes an extensive review and talks about his impressions. I love this site: 1cclog 

04. STG Weekly is a huge youtube channel about shmup. Year after year it’s getting bigger!

05. The electric underground : another great youtube channel! A lot of reviews and interviews.

06. Shmup junkie: and another incredible youtube channel! A lot of reviews and previews of shmups.

07. Bullet Heaven HD : hundreds of videos about shoot ’em ups.

. We can read very good articles about shmups on the Web.
Racketboy.com offers, for example, a good one with this guide.

09. Very good reviews on hardcodeGaming101, and about Dodonpachi.

10. For some time, we have found some good English translations of Japanese articles, frequently on shmups, but also on Japanese videogames in general on shmuplations.com.

11. There are not a lot of magazines or books about the genre.
But this is a free ebook written by the guy who coded the Amstrad port of R-type is
just excellent, and is a good illustration of the 80s way of life in the British game industry, this is to say, the jungle.

12. At last, a Japanese magazine about shmups, in Japanese. You can buy the pdf version if you like, frustrating texts (in Japanese), and great pictures.

A lot of good things!