March update

Last month I decided to recreate patterns inspired by Touhou games.
It was interesting: sometimes it’s impossible to recreate them in the SHMUP Creator (Touhou is using a complex scripting system more akin to computer code), sometimes I found and corrected bugs but most of the time I was positively surprised by our Weapon Editor and what we can achieve with only a mouse moving some sliders.
With only a few settings and some smart uses of the Weapons and bullets features I managed to create some complex pattern very close to the originals!

The Weapon editor:

Here are some of them:

See you!

2 Comments so far

  • gbee • 2021/04/10 at 15:39

    is there a beta version where we can test the engine?

    • suny2000 • 2021/04/12 at 21:49

      There is a closed beta going for a few months.
      Then the idea is to release the tool this year.