beta version (june update)


This is really emotional and exciting. We started this project years ago, slowly, part-time. And now, real people are using it. There are only a handful of beta testers for now because we want to have time to properly listen to everybody and address the (numerous) issues. But those people are already creating incredible things with the tool! It’s a really great feeling to be surprised by its own application. Thanks people for your time and dedication, you give us the energy to make the SHMUP Creator even better.

. the SHMUP Creator is on steam for beta testers
. the on-boarding is better
. use a new inputs library: better gamepads compatibility and hot plugging
. lots of crash and bugs fixed
. better UI
. new small features added

Fixing the issues is taking a lot of time, but we really have to progress on the trailer if we want to open the store on steam, ideally at the end of August.
I’m going to add some new people to the beta and continue to listen to advice, critics, and bug reports: there are already some areas of the SHMUP Creator I want to modify to allow more creativity.
That’s quite exciting, and exhausting (doing this on top of our daily job), but also rewarding.

Stay tuned!
S. & Z.

4 Comments so far

  • Nedo • 2020/07/12 at 11:00

    finaly! and i am still alive ;p
    any way to enter the beta?


  • geebee • 2020/07/15 at 14:34

    hi! so is there a way to test the program?

  • François • 2020/07/20 at 04:35

    Oh well, I might live to see this… LOL!
    One thing I learned from life experience is that nothing is really perfect.
    Therefore sooner or later if you want to create a good impact with what you do, you got to bring it OUT… LOL!

    By the way, congradulations for your progress and I can’t wait to try it out at last.

  • Hiroki • 2020/07/21 at 14:06

    Congrats to the team :D I can’t wait to try it soon ^-^