february update

Hi there,

No update in January: bad!
But still a lot of things happened.

The documentation is complete! And it’s quite big. We still have to finish some small sections and add a few pictures.

You can open a window to chose a behavior presets for the items: how will they move, react, are they attracted to the player… And like other things in the SHMUP Creator, there is an animated preview to help users chose.

A lot of contextual help messages have been added to the menus to help users understand what the properties are doing.

In the SHMUP Creator you can quickly duplicate anything: just hold Shift and drag the selection.
But sometimes, you want to paste your selection far away, and duplicating is awkward. So I added a copy/paste feature: select something, Ctrl+c, Ctrl+v somewhere else, and voila!

We got rid of all the unlicensed musics and sounds, and we created sounds and musics to replace them.
The Blade of Death sample game has original musics now, as well as new sound effects, and the in-game tutorials too. We still have to do the same for the 2D space sample game.

I optimized the engine a lot. Now we can display 10.000 bullets in 60 fps with collisions on my 2016 laptop! Maybe I’ll write a post about it in the near future. I’m quite happy with the results. There is still room for improvements, but it’s for later.

Steam paperwork (at last!!!), and keep working on the beta in the meantime.

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  • ichimitch • 2020/02/15 at 16:42

    Have my babies!

  • Rhoran • 2020/02/21 at 10:08

    This is looking great!

  • Invent • 2020/03/25 at 22:55

    Wow looks amazing, was just looking up for updates on your project via the shoot em up forum.