Ok, a small update this month. I made quite a lot of progress, but there are not a lot of interesting things to say.
Most of the coding work was polish and debug. That’s crazy the number of small issues I can still find…

But I spent more time on the documentation. It is now complete, a v0.5, full of spelling mistakes. The next step is to format it, choose the colors and fonts and add a lot of screenshots. It’s incredibly time consuming!

I also sent my sounds and musics list to a sound designer.

The documentation, the sounds, the debug: the goal to all this is to produce a beta version after the summer. I will then start a closed beta for some happy fews which will allow me to further polish and debug the tool and the engine.

As I said I will continue my work on the documentation.
I will also hopefully resume my work on the “Gradius like” 2D level.

Oh… And did you notice we started a mailing list?
Don’t hesitate to sign up: it’s on the top of this page. No spam, we will only send emails to announce the release of the SHMUP Creator.

See you!

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  • Zeekmerepaz • 2019/07/24 at 12:50

    Hey! You’ve been working over 5 years already. I wonder how many people are working with you? I thought it was like two or three people working on your project. It’s amazing to see your hard work to make something we want to make the SHMUP game easier rather than coding. And updating monthly.