February update

February is always a short month, but especially this year for me as I took 2 weeks of vacation. It was nice!

Before that, some work was done:
Some important bugs were fixed, as well as some minor ones. I also added some small features I forgot to implement before, like being able to choose the color of the small light being spawn where an explosion occurs.

I’m still making progress on the 2D level Art, and it’s going well. I hope I’ll be able to share some pictures very soon.

I also did some modifications to the editor and to some tools and workflow: it’s a big reason of why I’m doing a 2D level. I knew that I’ll find that some tools which are working well in 3D will not be as consistent with the 2D workflow. For instance, I added an orthographic view to help align things, and did a lot of correction to the snapping and grid code.

It was a short month, and so it’s a short post.
I plan to continue the 2D level next month and I have a lot of gameplay ideas to try :)

See you!

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  • Zunnex • 2019/03/16 at 20:24

    hello! please tell us what is your current progress are you doing?

    like. 2D Level Editor done, texture UI done, etc… thank you.