The Stunfest
  • June 08, 2015
  • adrien
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Ready? Go!
. Nice promotional buttons, for happy visitors!
. Kaboom! An 1m60 tall kakemono!
And a 23kg PC inside a wheel suitcase, in the train, of course.


The stunfest is a unique event.

It’s an entirely independant festival, organized by incredible volenteers, but with the size of a big event. 11,000 people during 3 days, a 150 meters queue outside, and all of this without any big names, without any PS4 or xbox One. Only passionate peoples.
In a nutshell: videogames purity.


We stayed 3 days at our stand, presenting the SHMUP Creator, demoing the tool, answering lots of questions.
I’ve been interviewd by Game One (a french game TV channel), talked with journalists, meet a lot of shmup lovers, and talked about the SHMUP Creator on the WTF scene. The video is only in french I’m afraid:

Our demo level used a quite basic scoring system, but it was quite interesting to see that if an occasional player could complete the level with 90.000 points, a superplayer could score 540.000.
The only wrong thing was that our demo looked really like a real game level, and so people were a little bit confused, thinking that we were presenting “Blade of death” instead of SHMUP Creator :/

All in all it was really tough but also really good for us: it was the first time we were showing our work to people, and we received a lot of nice comments, excitement and a lot of interesting remarks.

And now, our motivation is on top !
Back to work!

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