Monthly update #02: September 2014

We haven’t worked a lot since the middle of July. Zut :(

Project status
. 90% Game engine: Collisions, weapons, events, AI, special effects, particles…
. 85% UI: this is the art, layout and coding of the editor itself.
. 32% Assets: those are the 3D models, sprites, sound effects and music provided with the SHUMP Creator

What we achieved last month
. shadows/no shadow in the levels
. Bullet Physic Engine integration for all the collisions with the background
. redesigning the weapon system and building a new weapon manager
. new trigger text
. new alert windows
. we can build a stand alone game for distribution
. we can import animated sprites
… And a lot of bugs were fixed!

Alpha phase at the end of August!?
No. Alas… No alpha for he end of August.
We have had a contract job since the 25th of August and the client haven’t stopped asking for modifications and new features! Damned!

So our next goal is always to reach alpha at the end of… Well I feel embarrassed… As soon as possible!?
It’s always difficult to find a balance between earning money for developing the SHUMP Creator and developing the SHUMP CREATOR and earning money for living.

So now, to reach the alpha
We’ll need to finish the last features we have been working on
. improve the asset import
. editor’s gizmos (constraints) to manipulate objects with the mouse
. debugging the triggers
. finish to implement the game play features like scoring rules
. build a level for testing!

We are really looking forward to reworking on the SHUMP Creator!!!

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  • Aeon • 2014/11/11 at 15:04

    This sounds and looks awesome! I’m looking for such a program this easy to use since the glorious old days of SEUCK. To bring a game to life with artistry and intuition without hassling about code and scripts and such. Will it be possible to go for plain 2d pixel graphics only via importing sprite pictures and the like?

    • corentin • 2014/11/11 at 15:44

      Thanks for your kind comment :)
      Yes, it’s already possible to quickly import pixel art or any 2d picture into the editor.

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